Get to grips with FLEGT (March 2015)

New Legal Document

29 March 2015: The Circular No.04/2015/TT-BNN starts to take effective. According to this Circular, wood and wood processing products are exported only when there are legal records of forest products in accordance with law; traders must declare the goods to the customs authorities of the amount, type and origin and take responsibility for the legality issues of their timber products. For more details, visit 

News Highlights

Forest certification
(BaoQuangNinh) – Nowadays, there have been increasing demands for legal materials, including those for products made from certified wood. The forest certification has therefore increased the value for forest products, and become the prerequisite to access global market. This is one of the reason why forest certification has become an inevitable trend of the forest sector.

900 booths at the VIFA-EXPO 2015: Most of the products made of imported timber from natural forests
(baodientu.chinhphu) – The International Furniture & Home Accessories Fair (VIFA-EXPO 2015) was organised on 11-14 March 2015 in Ho Chi Minh City with 900 booths, 42% more than that of the previous year. Regarding the number of participating enterprises, the event attracts 177 in and out of Vietnam, 25% higher than that of 2014. Accordingly, Vietnamese enterprises and FDI ones account for 82%; 31 foreign companies are from 17 countries, 89% more from that of 2014, and registered for 18% booths. 73.7% of booths at the event were displaying timber products and more than 90% of the these are made of imported timber from natural forests or plantation.

HAWA: Timber exports to US market should come from legal sources
(TheSaigonTimes) – There is a huge potential for Vietnamese enterprises to export timber and timber products to the US market. However, this market strictly requests legal timber materials. The US market is tightening the legal conditions for the import of timber and timber products. Specifically, if the timber product is unknown of its origin or made of illegal materials, it will be removed from the market.


March 2015: Guidelines on records management and buying certified timber, by NEPCon and SFMI. For more information, visit , the guidelines can be downloaded at

March 2015: “Understanding women’s participation in forestry in Vietnam” by FAO and RECOFTC. The publication can be downloaded at


16-19 March 2015: FLEGT Week. This is a unique opportunity for the European Commission (EC) and its partners to reflect on the full scope of the Action Plan, including but not limited to VPAs and the EU Timber Regulation, learn from the achievements and challenges, and discuss technical aspects of FLEGT. For more information, visit


April 2015: The PEFC Collaboration Fund provides small grants to support efforts to advance sustainable forest management and forest certification around the world by members and partner organizations. Deadline for proposal submission is 4 April 2015. For more details, visit