Get to grips with FLEGT (May 2015)

New Legal Document

22 April 2015: Circular No. 17/2015/TTLT-BNNPTNT-BTC dated 22 April 2015, guiding the method to evaluate the value of planted forests and gardens to rearrange, reform and improve the efficiency of the agroforestry companies. The Circular will take effect from 10 June 2015. For more information, visit

News Highlight

Planting the forest to meet international standards
(Nguoi lao dong) – In 2012, over 30 hectares of acacia forests, owned by 20 households in Ben Van, were FSC certified. Two years after gaining  the certification, at the beginning of this April, three households sold around 700 ton of acacia wood and earned more than 1 billion Vietnam dong. Each hectare of FSC certified forest has brought 200 million dong net profit, much higher than the normal plantation. There is a strict standard for FSC certified forest for example the forest must meet 10 principles together with 56 criteria that need to be audited by international experts.

FLEGT VPA: What are the requirements for legal timber export to the EU?
(Thuong mai) – TIt has been questioned whether when FLEGT VPA is signed between EU and the Government of Vietnam, there will be any more requirements or procedures relating to legal timber? The answer from experts and managers is: “No”. Deputy Head of the Bureau of Forestry Violation Inspection, Department of Forest Protection, Tran Van Trien said: “The organisations and individuals participating in the supply chain from forest planting, harvest, transportation, processing to exporting, just need to comply with the Vietnam laws then they would meet the requirements on the legal origin of the timber set by the EU”.

Challenges for Binh Dinh wood processing sector
(Nong nghiep Viet Nam) – It is just one month before the new production season officially starts, the timber processing enterprises in Binh Dinh Province, however, are getting their fingers burnt due to the recent drop in the exchange rate and product prices while the input materials are increasing in price. Binh Dinh enterprises are trying to consolidate the production system in order to reduce the associated production costs and maximise the use of raw materials.

The way forward for woodchip processing in Vietnam
(Bao Cong thuong) – There are a total of 130 woodchip processing factories nationwide, 16% higher than that of 112 in 2012, in addition to many other small processing units. There have been many controversial debates regarding the development of woodchip processing. Some have suggested limiting and even stopping woodchip export because the value is so low. The other side has claimed that woodchip processing has brought positive changes to the lives of local community, forest growers, society and environment.

Clearance of household rubber plantations for wood sale
(Nguoi Lao dong) –The recent falling latex price has triggered farmers and enterprises to chop down the rubber trees in many provinces.


May 2015: The EU-funded FLEGT Project implemented by NEPCon and SFMI is inviting small and medium enterprises working in the timber industry to join the training and toolkit piloting programme aiming at sourcing low risk timber. For more information, visit

May 2015: Job opportunity: Timber Industry Officer. For more information, visit


April 2015: A recent report by a team led by Eleanor Warren-Thomas from East Anglia University warns that the global demand for rubber tyres is threatening forests in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit 


14-16 May 2015: Training workshop on methodologies for independent monitoring of household compliance with VPA/FLEGT timber legality requirements in Da Nang. For more information, visit

23-24 May 2015: Training workshop on skills for community communication on FLEGT in Ha Noi. For more information, visit

9-11 June 2015: Global Timber Forum Submit 2015 in Shanghai, China. For more information, visit

11-16 June 2015: 1st trade fair themed “Agricultural Products and Timber Industry Marketplace”. For more information, visit

12 June 2015: International Symposium on Timber Trade Legality Assurance in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, visit

6-9 August 2015: Saigon Trade Fair on Timber Products & Interior (in Hanoi). For more information, visit

7-11 September 2015: FAO World Forestry Congress in Durban, South Africa. For more information, visit