Get to grips with FLEGT (May 2016)

News Highlights

Solutions to overcome challenges with timber imports
(HQ Online) – The strict requirements on timber origin from key markets such as the EU and US will create a lot of challenges for timber processing and exports in Vietnam due to the large dependance on timber materials imported from other countries. The article highlights some suggestions to overcome those challenges.

Difficulties in production forest development
(TBTCO) – Currently, timber from production forests in Vietnam can meet 70% of the demand for raw materials in the timber processing industry. However, in order to fulfil the increasing demand for timber materials in the future, better policies are needed for the development of production forests.

Project to Support forest owners in the Centre of Vietnam: Very first positive outcomes
(Báo Quảng Ngãi) – The management board of the project to support forest owners in the Centre of Vietnam has held the interim review meeting at Quang Ngai Cooperative Alliance. This project is being implemented in Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, and Quang Ngai provinces, funded by the non-refundable aid from FFD (Finnish Agri-Agency for Food and Forest Development) and Agricod. The project will continue until 2019.

Quảng Trị: Stable market for plantation timber
(QuangTriTV) – An interview with Mr. Ho Quang Hieu, General Director of Quang Tri Trading Corporation, about the model of supporting and working with farmers in sustainable forest development and getting FSC forest management certification for economics benefits. Through the cooperation, farmers can have the opportunities to join the sustainable supply chain, and have more knowledge on the market, while the enterprise can maintain the legal and sustainable input of raw materials, which help to meet the requirements from the EU, US and other big markets.

 Introduction to Indonesia’s Timber Legality Assurance
On 10 May 2016, in London, an Indonesian delegation of FLEGT representatives conducted a roadshow to inform UK traders of the current situation of timber trade certification and forest management in Indonesia and SE Asia. The Panel also discussed the importance of Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance scheme (the SVLK – Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu), which would help the traders in risk identification and mitigation when importing timber and timber products from Indonesia.

 Journey of illegal timber
(VTV24) –  A small piece of paper worths millions of VND? For the people, that paper costs all the destroyed forests, and damaged environment.  Please join the journalists of VTV24 to see what is happening in the forest.



May-July 2016: FSC invites all interested stakeholders to participate in the consultation for the draft Proposal to re-examine the 1994 Rule for Plantations. The document is open to public consultation from 10th May 2016 to 11th July 2016. For more information:

 16-17th June 2016: Event “Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Number 26” in London. This event is part of a series of illegal logging update meetings that will bring together more than 250 participants from civil society, industry and governments from around the world. For more information:



30th April 2016: Go Viet Magazine no. 77 – April 2016. Access at:

09th May 2016: Three reports about timber material imports in Vietnam 2013-1015. These are the joint efforts from Forest Trends, VIFORES, FPA Binh Dinh and HAWA.

24th May 2016: Policy Bulletin no. 20 – Free trade and Resources and Environment Management. PanNature.



18th May 2016: Vietnam Rubber Group organised a training on FLEGT and EU Timber Regulation (EUTR). In the training, Ms. Ann Weddle, representative of the project, explained about due diligence requirements for both importers and exporters to EU market, introduced the toolkit to prepare companies to be ready for FLEGT, and answered questions from timber enterprises in the Group. See at:

23rd May 2016: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the Asia Foundation and VIFORES held a consultation workshop on “Risks in timber exports in the context of integration TPP and EVFTA”. The workshop is within the scope of the Programme to strenghthen the role of Vietnam Business Association in consultation for policy development. For more information:

24 -25th May 2016: Training for forest-dependent communities about timber legality assurance system in VPA/FLEGT process, organised by Centre for Rural development in Central Vietnam and Forest Rangers Deparment. See at: