Get to grips with FLEGT (November 2016)

News Highlights

EU and Vietnam agree in principle on FLEGT VPA
After six years of negotiations, on 18th November 2016, Vietnam and the European Union have finally agreed in principle on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) to improve forest governance, address illegal logging and promote trade in verified legal timber products from Vietnam to the EU.

Indonesia and EU launch FLEGT licensing for legal timber to combat illegal logging­timber-to-combat-illegal-logging/15-11-2016/55 
From 15th November 2016, all timber product types listed in the VPA and directly exported to the EU must be accompanied by a FLEGT licence. Competent Authorities in EU Member States will deny entry to any such products exported from Indonesia to the EU without a valid FLEGT licence.

VPA/FLEGT: Enterprises are excited and yet still worrying
(HQ Online) – With the end of negotiations on 18th November 2016, Voluntary Partnership Agreement on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade FLEGT VPA has opened more opportunities for exporting enterprises in Vietnam. Despite the support for this agreement, many enterprises are still very worried about the implementation stage.

Decision on Establishment of Management Board for Sustainable Forest Management and Forest Certification in the period 2011 – 2020  

Laos and Vietnam to Cooperate to Combat Trade in Illegal Timber and Wildlife
(Moitruong) – The crackdown on the illegal production and trading of forest products, as well as the fight against the illegal trade in wildlife are to receive a major boost through a new trans-border cooperative agreement between Lao PDR and Vietnam.

Swedish Court rules Myanmar timber documentation inadequate for EU importers
Swedish Administrative Courts today confirmed a ruling that a certificate issued by the Myanmar Forest Products Merchants’ Federation (MFPMF) did not provide adequate proof that a shipment of teak imported into Sweden had been legally harvested.

Mozambique moves to protect hardwood forests with new law  
As part of efforts to protect the country’s hardwood forests, the Mozambican parliament on Thursday unanimously passed the second and final reading of a bill that will ban the export of unprocessed timber logs, starting from the beginning of next year.



EU FLEGT Facility is implementing a project to increase knowledge about small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and smallholders in the Mekong region and address potential challenges for these timber companies to operate legally in the context of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs). The below group will be the online SME discussion forum, where stakeholders can express their ideas and opinions, and discuss issues among themselves and with the EU FLEGT Facility. Access at:



November 2016: Report “Illegal Logging and Related Timber Trade – Dimensions, Drivers, Impacts and Responses” by IUFRO. Download at:

November 2016: Using a risk based approach to avoid illegal timber – NEPCon. Read news:

November 2016: Report “Vietnam’s Imports of Cambodian Logs and Sawnwood from Natural Forests: 2013-2015” by Forest Trends. Download at:

November 2016: Go Viet magazine – no. 84. Access at:

November 2016: The ITTO Tropical Timber Market (TTM) Report, an output of the ITTO Market Information Service (MIS) – no. 19 and 20. Download at:



9th November 2016: In Hanoi, The Advocacy Committee for the establishment of Vietnam Forest Owners Association has held a conference to announce the official launch of the Association. Forest owners are direct managers and governors of forests according to laws, who have the rights and responsibilities of forest owners, and who are an important part in the country’s efforts to protect and develop the forests. For more information:

30th November 2016: The Project “Increasing Capacity of Civil Society Organisations and SMEs to Implement FLEGT Requirements”, funded by EU and implemented by NEPCon and SFMI, has held the Closing Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City. At the workshop, the Project shared the results and lessons learnt from project implementation, as well as provide CSOs and SMEs with our toolkit, online training platform, and an overview to legality risk assessment in order to be ready for requirements of FLEGT. For more information: