Supporting Legal Timber Trade in Vietnam (August 2017)

News Highlights

New timber risk assessments help companies source legal wood 
( – On Aug 24th, NEPCon released the Sourcing Hub, the biggest and most detailed collection of forest-related risk assessments that have ever been published. The Sourcing Hub helps companies meet due diligence requirements of market regulation such as the EU Timber Regulation. The Hub contains assessments of the risks of illegal timber production and trade in 62 countries, covering 87% of global timber production.

Proposal to ban export of logs and sawn timber from plantations and rubber plantations to protect domestic raw materials 
( – In response to VNFOREST’s letter on the impacts of a proposed policy to temporarily ban the export of logs and sawn timber from plantations and rubber plantations, Binh Dinh Timber and Forest Product Association has announced that it fully supports the policy. Accordingly, banning the export of raw timber materials in the form of logs and rough sawn timber will have a positive impact on the manufacturing activities of timber processing enterprises because it will ensure the supply of raw materials from stable and sustainable plantations. These materials will be available for processing high value added products to meet the requirements on quality, price and delivery schedule of customers, especially from the EU, Australia and US markets.

Vietnamese businesses say “no” to illegal timber
(TTXVN) – As the matter of environmental protection, social security and sustainable forest ecosystems, the management of timber resources is a concern of many countries. For this reason, the fight against the illegal timber trade requires multinational cooperation; especially, customs authorities in many countries are working closely to prevent the illegal trade and transportation. MFurniture exporters in Vietnam must say no to illegal materials, especially when exporting to the US, Europe and Australia.

Chinese timber enterprises “sweep” the Vietnamese wood 
( – Talking with media on the concerns about Chinese timber enterprises in Vietnam which poses a challenge to Vietnamese businesses as they have to compete for timber materials, and there is dumping threat of timber products exported from Vietnam, Mr. Nguyen Ton Quyen, Chairman of the Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association (VIFORES), said that the Association had made many recommendations to the Government on controlling foreign-direct investments from China and banning exports of raw materials but no response so far.




August 2017: The EU Timber Regulation implementation and enforcement updates. Download at:

August 2017:  Thematic article “Fake documents: how to spot them and what to do about them” developed by NEPCon. The article is part of a series about the EU Timber Regulation that we’re publishing as part of our project ‘Support Legal Timber Trade’. Download at:

August 2017: Briefing note “Independent Forest Monitoring: a chance for improved governance in VPA countries?” – FERN. Download at:

August 2017: ITTO Tropical Timber Market Report – Volume 21 Number 15 (1 –15 August 2017). Access at: 




26th July 2017: At Hue city, Vietnamese Academy of Forest Sciences (VAFS) and WWF Vietnam organised the inception workshop to launch the project “Supporting Small-Scale Forest Owners in sustainable forest management, and legal timber control in Vietnam”, with the financial support from the German Ministry of Agriculture and Food (BMEL). For more information:

10th August 2017: In Hanoi, the Center for People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) held a workshop on “Closing Natural Forests in Vietnam:  Effectiveness of implementation and Legislation Requirement?”, where organisations and individuals discussed and commented on the usage of the term “natural forest closure”: its definition and relevant provisions in the revised Forestry Law (clause 6.1) to ensure that this concept will help Vietnam achieve the goals of ending illegal forest destruction, conservation and sustainable forest management. For more information:

16th August 2017: The Center for People and Forests coordinated with partners to launch the Inception Workshop on “Strengthening Voices of Non-State Participants to Improve Forest Management in the Mekong Region” (Voices for Mekong – V4MF) in Hanoi; with the project’s aim for sustainable forest management, forest landscape management which must be based on a holistic, inclusive and non-governmental approach. The project is funded by the European Union, and is implemented in the region covering five countries in Mekong region (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam). For more information:

23-25th August 2017: VIFA WoodMac Vietnam 2017 was held at Binh Duong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This fair attracted 420 booths of more than 100 domestic and foreign enterprises; 53% of which exhibiting woodworking machinery; 23% exhibiting raw timber materials and 17% exhibiting accessories. For more information: