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FLEGT Readiness leaflet ENFLEGT Readiness Assessment

This is a free assessment conducted by our experienced experts for small and medium sized enterprises working in timber industry during October – November 2015.

For detailed information, please see the programme leaflet.

Pilot tests of the toolkit

Why conduct pilot tests?

The objective of the pilot tests is to see if the toolkit developed by the project is effective in mitigating legality risks within Vietnamese SMEs’ timber supply chains.

What will the pilot tests involve?

DSC00246A visit from one or more of our toolkit testers for two days. We will ask your staff to demonstrate to our testers how they have been using the tools and our testers will ask questions and request to see documentation, input materials, products and production activities (where applicable). This will involve all parts of your company’s operations, from purchasing and receipt of input material, following the flow of the material through storage and production (where applicable), right through to product sales. We will also ask for your feedback on the toolkit.

Please note that the testers may want to take copies of some documents for reference in their report. Additionally, participants on our legality expert course will be present as observers during some tests, purely for training purposes.

What happens after?

You will receive a report based on the findings of the test. This report will contain recommendations for how your company can better avoid or mitigate risk in your timber supply chains. This report will remain confidential.

We will also produce a report on the cumulative findings of all pilot tests and will use such information for improving the toolkit and developing the training programme. The report will be made public but will only present summarised and/or anonymised information.